Blind Dates – Blind Date Tips For People Who Are About To Meet A Stranger

It is pretty safe to say that when you meet a person off the internet, the first time you meet could be considered a “blind date”. Now the traditional definition of a blind date is a date with a stranger or a date with a person you have just met. So when you meet that cute gal you talked to on Yahoo for the first time at a coffee shop, that is a blind date. That being said maybe I should write a book on blind dates since I have dating using only the internet for the last 14 years.

The primary goal of any date is to 1) Ascertain if the person is  dating vietnamese women   worthy of a second date and 2) make sure you do the right things to secure the second date. So with that in mind here are some ideas to keep in mind.

Dress to impress! Yes, this is a blind date, but you never know you might be taking this guy or gal home to Mom someday. If you dress like a bum you may never get that chance. A person’s first visual impression of you sets the stage for how they perceive you as a person. What do you think of when you see a group of men working on the side of the road all wearing stripes? You know they are all prisoners without asking. The same goes for you if you dress like a slob. Your date will know you are not worth the effort of a second date.

Communication is key on any date, but especially on a blind date. Talk about things you are really interested in. Your excitement will show. Ask them questions about things they are interested in. I try to make sure I talk half as much as the other person does. Give them a chance to open up by asking them to tell you stories about their life. People love to do that.

On blind date’s a little extra caution is wise. Always meet them at a reviews   public place. Let a friend of yours know where you are going and when you will be home. Never drink heavily or get in the car with them alone. When I plan a blind date I like to let the person know I just plan to hang out for about an hour or so. I never make a first date an all evening thing. This not only gives you a chance to get away if you don’t like the person, but it sets you up for a great second date because hopefully after the short time you spent together the other person is excited about seeing you again.

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